Tour Dates

Tour Dates



Dark Hokum

Dark Hokum


2021 - October 31st - 05th gig - Evil Chopsticks are asked to perform two sets at a wedding being held at Fort Purbrook, Portsmouth.

2020 - July 17th - From deep within a hidden chamber of The Future Bunker Shred reveals the existence of his other band 'Dark Hokum'.

2020 - May 16th - 'Pork On Sunday' the free single, produced during lockdown, is made available for free. Get the single at the Evil Chopsticks Bandcamp, and see the video here

2019 - May 22nd - Shred's first podcast is published: Flailings From The Future Bunker. See the podcasts page for more info

2018 - August 04th - 4th gig: Birthday Armageddon.

2017 - March 11th - 3rd gig: Broken Klare pardy. Specifically requested to play in support of Vs. The Tractor for a private party.

2016 - December 17th - Acoustic charity gig for The Rowan's Hospice. A video of the whole performance can be seen here

2016 - September 27th - Second gig announced: December 17th - see the tour page for more details.

2016 - August 6th - After much plotting and waiting, Evil Chopsticks leave The Future Bunker to play their first gig.

2012 - January 1st - Evil Chopsticks officially announce their existence to the World.

1989 - Treebee is born

1981 - He-Man is launched

1979 - Shred is born

1975 - Sex Pistols form

1858 - Britain's first Symphony Orchestra is founded by Charles Hall

1801 - Act of Union creates the United Kingdom - Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and Ireland were formally
joined under the Act of Union to create the United Kingdom

1789 - French Revolution begins

1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie lands in Scotland to claim the British throne (unsuccessful)

1721 - Sir Robert Walpole becomes the first 'Prime Minister' and is given 10 Downing Street

1707 - Act of Union - England and Scotland officially become one country - Great Britian

1689 - Bill of rights confirmed

1688 - William of Orange invades and is welcomed by England as he ursurps James II

1653 - Oliver Cromwell makes himself Lord Protector

1649 - Charles I executed

1642 - English Civil War begins

1455 - War of the Roses begins

1326 - Isabella invades England and overthrows King Edward II

1101 - Robert Duke of Normandy invades England (Unsuccessfully)

1066 - 25th December - William is crowned king of England
1066 - 14th October William defeats Harold at Hastings
1066 - 28th September - William of Normandy (William The Conqueror/William The Bastard) invades England
1066 - 25th September - King Harold II kills Harold Hardrada
1066 - September - Harold Hardrada (King of Norway) invades England
1066 - January - Edward The Confessor dies

1016 - Cnut of Denmark becomes King of the English

939 - Athelstan - First King of all England dies

886 - Alfred, King Of Wessex (Alfred The Great), agrees a treaty with Vikings to divide England

789 - First recorded Viking attack happens in Dorset

449 - Angles and Saxons arrive in south east England

211 - Emporer Septimius Severus dies at York (then known as Eboracum)

122 - Hadrian's Wall built

47 - Aulus Plautius invades Britain under the orders of Emperor Claudius

54 BC - Julius Caesar launches a full scale invasion of Britain (which fails)

55 BC - Julius Ceaser invades Britain with an expeditionary force and has to retreat in Winter.

330BC - Pytheas of Massilia (Marseilles) circumnavigates Britain

4000 BC - Communial burial begins to be practised (an early form of bunker)

6000 BC - Britain becomes seperated from mainland Europe.